These Databases were transcribed by Angela Dix as background to the publication of her book - North Curry - A Place in History

North Curry Burials 1539-1914
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1 Hibberde Thomas 26/07/1539
2 Farmar Willmote 29/09/1539
3 Farmar Johan 10/10/1539
4 Dare Marie 12/11/1539
5 Clarke Agnes 16/11/1539
6 Cooles Johan 01/12/1539
7 Eston alias Weste Roberte 24/12/1539
8 Hill William 06/02/1539
9 Erlam William 02/03/1539
10 Clarke William 05/03/1539
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North Curry Parish Registers


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Conventions used in transcriptions - The information  presented is initially sorted by ID which is, in principle, the order in which the records appear on the source documents.  This is not necessarily date order.  Some records, particularly early Parish Registers, are very jumbled.  You can sort in date or other orders by following the sorting instructions above.

Words shown in brackets in the text are comments of the transcriber.

WARNING -Despite the best efforts of all involved no transcription can be guaranteed to be perfect.  Early handwriting is difficult to read and this is exacerbated by the damage and discolouration of many original documents.   These difficulties together with simple human error in typing can all lead to incorrect transcriptions.  All researchers are strongly advised to use these databases as a guide and to check those entries they are personally interested in for themselves on the microfiche records available at the Somerset Heritage Centre using this database as a guide to their location.